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Callus Peel

Callus Peel

A Great Extra to Add to your Pedicure Treatment List !

Callus Peel 15 Min Treatment Kit
Callus Peel Foot Care System, 15-minute four step system includes a skin softening patch that is wrapped around the heel & toe to soften the skin, a special scraper to peel off the dead skin(calluses) followed by the third step to buff away the remaining calluses. The treatment is completed by applying moisturizing cream. All four items are presented in a kit. By combining an easy and fast process that everyone can do from a nail tech to a consumer.
Callus Peel Kit
1.Skin Softner
2. Scraper
3. Moisture Cream
4. File
5. Replacement
Skin SOftner
-Soften callus quickly
-Wet tissue type
-Hygienically individual Package
How to use
-Patch the SKIN SOFT on the spot that has a lot of callus, wrapping for 10min.
-A plastic tool to scrape callus
-Designed for comfortable grip
-Easy to peel off callus
How to use
-After using the Skin Soft, peel the callus off from the spot softly
-Safe designed Plastic tool
-A plastic tool to polish the callus after scraping and softening the skin surface
-Designed for comfortable grip and high-efficiency
How to use
-After scraping callus, polish the skin softly
-Use different side to smooth
Moisture Cream
-Moisturize and soften
-All day long moisturizing
-Rejuvination effect
-Deodorize effect
How to use
-Apply to the spot evenly and rub

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Callus Peel Foot File
A Plastic Tool Created to Polish the Callus after Scraping and Softening the Skin Surface ..
€4.99 ex vat
Based on 0 reviews.
Callus Peel Kit
Callus Peel Kit contains everything you need for a complete foot care system Kit Contents: 10 x S..
€59.99 ex vat
Based on 0 reviews.
Callus Peel Moisture Cream 100g
Deodorizes and Softens Skin after Callus Removal ..
€5.99 ex vat
Based on 0 reviews.
Callus Peel Replacement Foot File Pads Pk 10
Replacement Pads for Callus Peel Foot File ..
€7.99 ex vat
Based on 0 reviews.
Callus Peel Scraper
A Plastic Tool specially designed to scrape away Callus ..
€4.99 €2.49 ex vat
Based on 0 reviews.
Callus Peel Skin Soft Patches (2)
Softens Callus in Just 10 minutes. Contains 2 Individual Sheets ..
€4.99 ex vat
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